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What is telepsychiatry?

Telepsychiatry is a branch of telemedicine defined by the electronic delivery of psychiatric services to patients. This typically includes providing psychiatric assessments, therapeutic services, and medication management via telecommunication technology, most commonly videoconferencing.

By leveraging the power of technology, telepsychiatry makes behavioral healthcare more accessible to patients, rather than patients having to overcome barriers, like time and cost of travel, to access the care they need.

Why Telepsychiatry?

Increased Access to Care

Our country is facing a shortage of psychiatrists, resulting in a lack of on-site psychiatrists and overall inadequate psychiatric care for patients. Telepsychiatry helps increase access to mental healthcare services by connecting patients with remote specialists and prescribers through secure, videoconferencing technology. Patients receive the care they need right from within their local healthcare clinic.

Favorable Reimbursement

Psychiatry visits conducted using telepsychiatry may be reimbursable by both Medicare and Medicaid. Not only do many payors reimburse an additional Q code, or originating site fee, but we strive to price our services below your current reimbursement rates so that our programs are economically viable and sustainable.

Shorter Waitlists

Telepsychiatry is a modern solution to insufficient on-site psychiatric coverage. With access to psychiatrists located in remote areas, the care patients need is available when they need it. In turn, this decreases the length of waitlists, increases operational efficiency, and allows our partners to focus on delivering quality psychiatric treatment.


Hiring full-time, on-site mental healthcare providers can be costly and strain already tight staffing budgets. With telepsychiatry, our partners are not limited by these restrictions as they can hire remote prescribers and specialists on an hourly basis, according to their coverage needs.


Our services can improve clinical outcomes, and community health and wellness. In fact, research has demonstrated that telepsychiatry is just as effective, and in some cases even more effective than the traditional, face-to-face model of care.

Satisfied Patients

Research shows that patients are satisfied with telepsychiatric care. Patients may feel more in control of their clinical treatment and perceive a greater sense of choice with this method of care. Furthermore, the lack of wait time and significant traveling distance associated with telepsychiatry has been viewed favorably by patients.

Who can benefit from telepsychiatry?

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