At Genoa Healthcare Telepsychiatry, we increase access to behavioral healthcare across the U.S. by building telepsychiatry programs that connect patients with psychiatrists & APRNs remotely. As the largest outpatient telepsychiatry community, we hire, train, and integrate psychiatrists and APRNs into organizations that treat underserved communities.

Genoa Healthcare in Illinois

Genoa Healthcare has telepsychiatry programs at 10 Community Mental Health Centers (CMHCs), Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), substance use treatment facilities, and other organizations that serve the underserved in Illinois.


Who can be a telepsychiatrist for my clinic?

Psychiatrists & APRNs: Any psychiatrist (MD/DO) or Advanced Practice Registered Nurse
(APRN) with a state license in Illinois can provide care via telepsychiatry. APRNs require a collaborating MD if they plan on prescribing opioids or narcotics.

How does reimbursement work for telepsychiatry in Illinois?

Each telepsychiatry session generates two billable codes:

  • The standard CPT codes for outpatient, psychiatric services.
  • An originating site facility fee (Q3014) that allows clinics to receive reimbursement for the use of the facility where telehealth services are rendered.


The Illinois Telehealth Act was enacted in 2018, which requires Medicaid to reimburse eligible behavioral and mental health providers at the same rate as for in-person care. It also enables schools, hospitals, substance abuse centers and other Medicaid-eligible facilities to receive the originating site bonus (Q3014 code) from Medicaid.


Community Mental Health Clinics are eligible for Medicare reimbursement in Illinois if they are located in a HPSA (Health Professional Shortage Area).


FQHCs are covered by Illinois law for telepsychiatry services.

What tech does my clinic need?

Setting up telepsychiatry at your clinic is simple. The set up will require:

  • A two-way video telecommunication system that allows for real-time communication between the provider and patient
  • HIPAA-compliant video conferencing technology


Utilization is the percentage of a telepsychiatrist’s time that is spent on reimbursable patient care. Tracking this number helps clinics understand the financial sustainability of telepsychiatry for their organization.

Download our Utilization Best Practices to learn more about how to ensure telepsychiatry is financially sustainable for your clinic.



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