Provider Questions - Genoa Telepsychiatry

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Provider Questions

Is telepsychiatry an effective alternative to an in-person session?

Numerous studies conducted over the years have demonstrated that telepsychiatry is equivalent to in-person care in diagnostic accuracy, treatment effectiveness, quality of care, and patient satisfaction. A peer-reviewed study we co-authored in the APA’s Journal of Rural Mental Health also showed patients with hybrid telepsychiatry plus in-person visits were seen 7 days faster and were 34% more likely to be seen 1x/month. Read more here.

What technology is required to deliver care with telepsychiatry?

All that is required is a laptop or tablet equipped with a webcam and a high-speed internet connection. The majority of existing computers or laptops are telepsychiatry-ready. Our team also offers tech training and is available to support when needed.

Do I need a special license to treat patients online?

a special telepsychiatry license is not needed. It is required that you maintain your medical license in the state where the clinic is located, however you can be located anywhere in the United States when providing care.

Am I eligible to work for Genoa Telepsychiatry?

Genoa Telepsychiatry works with board-certified and board-eligible psychiatrists and advanced practice nurses with at least two years of psychiatric prescribing experience. Our psychiatric providers have experience across a wide range of sub-specialties including, children and adolescents, geriatrics, substance use disorder (SUD), autism, individual development disabilities (IDD), medication assisted treatment (MAT), inpatient, assertive community treatment, and bi-lingual/multilingual psychiatrists and advanced practice nurses. A commonality amongst all of our psychiatrists and advanced practice nurses is the motivation to provide access to care to underserved communities in a community-based setting. View our current job openings here.

Do I have to be board-eligible or board-certified?

Psychiatrists (MDs and DOs) must be at least board-eligible in general psychiatry to work with Genoa Telepsychiatry. Most of our clinic partners prefer psychiatrists that are board-certified in general psychiatry or a specific sub-specialty. All advanced practice nurses must have at least a master’s level degree and a minimum of two years of psychiatric prescribing experience. Some of our clinic partners prefer advanced practice nurses to be board-certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners (PMHNP-BC).

What is the expected time commitment?

After thoughtfully matching you with one of our partner facilities, you will select the days and hours that best fit your schedule. The majority of our positions are during weekday hours, Mon-Fri, and we generally require a minimum of 8 hours/week. We also offer full-time positions up to 40 hours/week and will coordinate availability based on the clinic’s needs. The schedule will be a set number of hours per week (generally, a set day or days of the week) and the clinic team will book appointments accordingly.

What ages and conditions can I treat?

Our positions cover a range of ages and common diagnoses and our onboarding team will work with you to find a population that you are comfortable seeing. You can explore the most recent job openings here.

How much time am I expected to spend with patients?

We encourage you to provide the same exemplary care you would to patients in a traditional setting; therefore, we do not dictate how you should practice. Appointment times can vary depending on the setting and/or population you are working with and are determined by the clinic partner. As a guideline, however, 45 to 60 minutes are typically allocated to conduct comprehensive intake assessments and psychotherapy, while medication evaluations and management are typically 15 to 30-minute sessions.

Is there a minimum contract period?

There is no minimum or maximum contract length. Our goal is to set up long-term partnerships to provide a continuity of care.

How does billing work?

After completing patient sessions, you will identify and select the correct CPT billing codes for services rendered in your notes. We expect patient progress notes to be submitted within 48 hours of the appointment.

How and when do I get paid?

You will receive payment electronically at the end of each month regardless of patient no-shows after we confirm your hours. It typically takes 1-5 business days to process payment.

Will I need to be credentialed to work with your clients?

Yes. We assist our clinics with the credentialing process and will keep your information on file so that this process can be repeated easily each time you start with a new clinic.

What if I don’t have my own malpractice insurance policy?

We will automatically enroll you in our company’s malpractice coverage and cover the cost for your convenience.

Is enrollment in Medicare/Medicaid/insurance panels necessary?

Yes. Most of our clinic partners treat patient populations that are covered by Medicare or Medicaid.

Is Genoa Telepsychiatry right for me?

Genoa Telepsychiatry focuses on hiring psychiatric providers who are interested in fully integrating into a clinic’s care team long-term. Learn more about our values and the benefits of working with us here.

How soon can I start?

Should we have a clinic in the state(s) where you are licensed, you can be assigned promptly. Please keep in mind that psychiatrists and advanced practice nurses must be credentialed, onboarded, trained, and deemed an appropriate fit with our clinics prior to providing services. You can explore the most recent job openings here.