Open Minds & Genoa Healthcare: Improving Access To Behavioral Health Care For Rural Consumers – How Telepsychiatry Is Closing The Gap

Open Minds June 14, 2019

In this executive web briefing, Samir Malik, EVP & General Manager of Telepsychiatry at Genoa Healthcare, shared how telepsychiatry, combined with in-person visits, improves the timeliness of care and increases the number of regular psychiatric appointments for rural consumers. Mr. Malik also demonstrated how telepsychiatry services can increase access to care for consumers in other underserved communities lacking behavioral health care services.

During this 60-minute executive web briefing, attendees will:

  • Review the outcomes of the study, Increasing Access to Mental Health Care Using Hybrid Care that Includes Telepsychiatry for a Rural Population
  • Learn strategies for evaluating and implementing telepsychiatry services
  • Understand methods for assessing program performance