Our Process

Telepsychiatry services in 4 steps.

We develop, staff, and manage your virtual psychiatry program so that your patients can conveniently access the mental healthcare they need.

01. Customize

Programs are tailored to meet your site’s needs.

02. Recruit

Compatible psychiatrists are recruited to join your team.

03. Implement

Staff receives comprehensive training on use of our software.

04. Care

Patients connect to high quality psychiatric care.


Together we review current gaps in coverage or potential for increased provider capacity. This might involve any routine or emergency settings for a variety of patient populations and payors. After defining your scope of services, we tailor our standard contract template accordingly and set a program go-live date.

Recruit Psychiatrists

Based on your coverage schedule, specialties, and care philosophy, our Customer Success team begins the staffing and implementation process by recruiting compatible psychiatrists for your program. Prior to onboarding, you will meet your dedicated psychiatrist to ensure that there is a good match.

Implement Program

Once psychiatrists have joined your team, our Genoa Telepsychiatry clinical workflows are integrated into your facility’s operations. To prepare for program launch, we provide all relevant personnel with thorough training so that your on-site and remote team is comfortable with using our software.

Care for Patients

Now your patients can easily connect with their new psychiatrist, right from within their local clinic! Soon they will be on the path to leading happier, healthier lives.

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