Access to Specialized Psychiatric Care

By connecting our partners with remote psychiatrists via innovative telepsychiatry software, mental health specialists are more accessible to patients. Telepsychiatry overcomes barriers to psychiatric care like distance and availability, while offering continuity of care and maintaining high clinical standards.


Our telepsychiatry sessions are covered by Medicaid, Managed Care, Medicare and commercial plans. In fact, Medicare and many state Medicaid programs and commercial insurers also reimburse an additional Q Code, or “originating site fee”, to incentivize the adoption of telepsychiatry.

Improved Efficiency with an Out-of-the-Box Technology Solution

Genoa Telepsychiatry’s technology includes a robust set of tools that offer our partners a creative solution to a lack of accessible psychiatric care for patients and inefficient facility operations. By using our secure platform to virtually bring specialists to your facility, we reduce wait times and build clinic capacity for quality care.

Reduced Emergency Department Boarding Times

Emergency rooms often lack adequate staffing to assess, diagnose, and board patients. Access to remote psychiatrists allows these processes to occur in a more timely manner, ultimately reducing boarding times for EDs and wait times for patients.

Satisfied Patients

Research data demonstrates that telemental health services are highly satisfactory to patients and providers alike. Patients may feel more in control of their care and experience a greater sense of choice with this method. Furthermore, the lack of wait times and significant traveling distance associated with telemedicine has also been viewed favorably by patients.

Outsourced Program Management

We work closely with clinic staff to oversee your program through implementation and beyond. Our dedicated team provides comprehensive training for clinical and administrative staff and offers 24/7 technical support to optimize efficiency and ensure your program adapts as needs change.

Shorter Referral Lists

Our partners are able to fill gaps in their onsite psychiatric coverage by adding remote specialists to their clinical team. With telepsychiatry, the care patients need is deliverable, so our partners are able to keep more of their patients on-site.

Hiring Flexibility

We work closely with your facility to define your staffing needs with respect to both clinical speciality and scheduling preferences, so that our recruit physicians accordingly. With telepsychiatry, you avoid the overhead costs associated with recruiting and hiring an on-site psychiatrist.

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