Working with Genoa Telepsychiatry

Your practice is in your control.

Set a schedule that works for you

Your hours are flexible. We do not require our providers to commit to a minimum number of hours, nor do we impose a maximum, allowing you to practice telepsychiatry when it is convenient for you.

Practice from any location

All you need to connect to your patients is a desktop or laptop with a functioning video camera and Internet access. We take care of the rest so that you can conveniently practice from your home, office or while traveling.

Earn a stable hourly income

We pay you at an excellent fixed rate based on your specialty. You are paid monthly for your time, regardless of payor mix and no-show rate. And finally, neither of us is liable for legal damages or losses resulting from the other’s actions.

Provide care to underserved patients

Through your virtual psychiatry practice, you extend your clinical reach to populations in underserved communities who would otherwise lack access to specialized psychiatric care.

 Questions about…


Practice from anywhere! Your interest in telepsychiatry will not be limited by licensure. We will work with you to understand your clinical interests and experience, and work with you to achieve licensure in a new state.


We’ve got you covered! You don’t pay us, we pay you. We will cover the costs of your license, DEA, and malpractice. You will be paid for every hour you work with us, regardless of whether or not a consumer attends his or her appointment.


No minimum & no maximum! Current Genoa Telepsychiatry providers work as few as 2 hours a week and as many as 40+. Be it moonlighting during residency or establishing a full-time online telepsychiatry practice, Genoa will partner with you to achieve your personal and professional goals.